anjali essential oil roller | kawa


we gotta introduce you to our sweet scented mates from anjali who make organic oils in pure & blended form right in our ole’ hood of newport beach.

recently char (chief creative nose director) asked us if there was anything - like anything at all - she could do to help out in light of our current storm + passing of our original kawa-iian lion.

we pondered - well hey! could you possibly put together a blend that we could wear in memory + in essence of kawa? char promptly replied, well its funny that we should ask as she had a blend she had brewed and had been having trouble naming it - but kawa did spring to mind. and would we be okay with having it named in tribute to her?

and so yes indeed - a kawa is born in another form.

mindful. peaceful. grounding.

enjoy + let it take you to the stars.

also available in pure essential oil form

organic sandalwood
organic patchouli
organic frankencense
organic lime
organic yland ylang
organic jojoba oil
apply topically to skin

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