say aloha to dee tang - the creative behind kawaiian lion. based on the wilde west coast of australia, the lifestyle label infuses a love for texture, light, the sea, surf, vintage-folk, the lion muse and the island of kauai.

what is a kawaiian lion anyway?

there once was a lion that stole away on a chinese junk ship on the harbour of hong kong. this ship was laden with silk, tea and silver, setting sail across the pacific ocean but found itself shipwrecked on the hawaiian island of kauai. the lion tumbled out of the junk, bewildered, bedraggled and overwhelmed by the sheer tropical beauty.

the locals would tell this tale of an exotic Lion with a rainbow mane filled with hibiscus and jasmine. the lion would roar with the surfers as they rode water mountains to the shore. she danced along the dunes as the sun faded in the sky. and so, she became known as the kawaiian lion.

designer dee has simply taken creative license from this wild creature and imprinted it's wide-eyed wonder into a lifestyle label known as kawaiian lion. the range is inspired by the island seen through the lion's eyes for the first time - the crazy beautiful sunsets, the grace of the surfers riding waves & the moody palms swaying in the breeze.

follow the journey @kawaiian_lion